Hosting and Support Services

Designed for Small Businesses

Our support services are the last step to making websites easy: reliable hosting service, assistance with updates. We are a phone call away. The service is a major benefit for a small business.

Consider the options:

  1. buy into a solution with dependable support OR
  2. buy into one size fits all software, then be left on your own.

Our support and hosting service is designed to help the small business.

Website Support Service

The aim is to ensure that your website is working for you, with help when you need it. The support service includes:

  • E-mail and telephone access
  • Reasonable assistance with website updates
  • Assistance and advice with content update
  • Review of website content

    Website Hosting

    Hosting and maintenance ensures that your website is technically working as it should, this includes:

    • E-mail and telephone access
    • UK servers from UK company with good support
    • Litespeed servers for fast page loads
    • Backup to an external repository
    • Update of WordPress and plugin software
    • Security software and montoring

    SEO Support Services

    WebOptimise search engine optimisation and web marketing packages require regular work to attain and maintain the required search engine result positions. Prospatek e-mail and telephone support are provided with these services.

    Additional Support

    The support service allows for a modest amount of time to assist with updates.

    Larger jobs are at an additional charge, for example:

    • Training sessions
    • Site visits
    • Re-work or re-design of your website
    • Assistance with larger updates, such as adding project pages
    • Addition of new features to the website.

    Other System Support Services

    Prospatek can help with the maintenance and update of paid versions of some of the mass market free websites.

    This is generally where a customer has a fairly simple information website that needs an update. We have a number of customers we help as and when required.

    Please call or email to get started

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