Your Business

Understanding small businesses

We want your website to be a success.

Website content represents your business, presenting you as a recognised authority in your business area. The more we understand about you, the more relevant the website content will be.

We work with you to understand your business, your mindset, your processes.

We aim to build a supportive and professional relationship with you to maintain the effectiveness of the website.

Business Aims

It’s crucial we understand your business motives, ethos and aims:

  • Your business objectives
  • Your website objectives
  • Products and services, and how you offer them
  • How the website will help your business
  • Current and potential target market
  • The message for your visitors
  • How visitors interact with the website
  • How visitors are converted to customers

Content Writing

With a good understanding of your business, we ensure the website content reflects your business.

We help write the website content, it’s an important part of our service. The website content is based on information from you.

Less hassle for you

As a small business, your time is better spent running your business. The technical know-how to manage your website, set up a storyline, draft text or assemble images is what we do for you and with you.

We do the technical stuff for you: website hosting, domain name, helping you with the design, logo, photography, drafting text content, and generating ideas. If it’s something we don’t do, we will know someone reliable who can help.

A website is delivered and managed using a number of tools. We will recommend the most suitable for you taking account of simplicity, price, your business, and website objectives. 

You have control

The CMS (Content Management System) gives you control to update the website yourself – if you want to. In most cases, it’s a joint effort. WordPress is easy to use, simple and effective.

Please call or email to get started

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