Website Design

Whether you’re just starting to build a website or planning a redesign, we will review your business and agree objectives for a website with you. We will design a website which:

  • is simple for your visitors to use
  • is rich in content, concise and relevant
  • tells a compelling business story
  • is attractive with consistent, and logical layout
  • uses good quality and appropriate images
  • has colour, text format and graphics for easy reading
  • is e-commerce enabled with clear product lists and an easy to use shopping cart
  • has easy payment methods with the shopping cart
  • has facilities to contact you
  • is mobile friendly

Our design approach keeps the process of creating your website simple, with expectations in line with the agreed objectives. 

An information website aims to tell a positive and current story about your business to give clients the confidence to call you.

An e-commerce website provides the key information which your potential clients need to buy your products and services.

Content Management

Ever wondered how websites are updated, why so many never change from month to month, why only large organisations seem to be able to change product lists and shopping carts ?

The WordPress content management system designed for the small business is the answer, and compared to a bespoke website the business benefits are huge:

  • make changes yourself when you want, no waiting for a change to be made
  • no expensive charges per change, you do it yourself
  • your website becomes integrated into your business
  • easy to learn, no expensive training courses required
  • if you update the content, the website will work for your business.

With WordPress you have control of your website, no complex technical jargon to contend with. Just Easy!

Help when you need it

Prospatek will spend time with you and your business, to understand you, to help you set objectives and expectations. WordPress handles the technicalities, allowing us to concentrate on you and your business.

Consider the options: a) buy into a web solution complete with professional help OR b) buy off the shelf one size fits all software, then be left on your own.

Call Prospatek and buy into a solution complete with professional help. We support your business and take care of the three main risks to give your website a flying start:

  • We build the site for you
  • We train you hands on to update your site
  • We have a solid support service to ensure your website continues to work for your business.

Mobile Friendly

As the use of smartphone and tablets has increased, so has the need to ensure that websites can be viewed on these devices.

In April 2015 Google introduced “mobilegeddon” where websites that are not mobile friendly will be less visible in Google search results on mobile recognised devices. In theory desktop searches will not be affected.

There are different approaches to enable appropriate viewing of mobile friendly websites:

  • Create a copy of the desktop site with limited content, with a manual or automatic switch from the desktop site.
  • Use software to render the existing non-optimsied website for mobile devices. This usually involves third party services and compromises in how the output is rendered.
  • Build the website that will adjust to a device as it loads, a “Responsive” design website.

All our WordPress websites are “Responsive” in design, with the FULL website available not just a portion of it.

As a WordPress can be edited by the website owner, mobile friendliness can be compromised by editing content, this is where our support services can really help. Adding tables of information can be challenging, to ensure it can be viewed on a mobile device.

Speed to load page resources is important for mobile devices for a good user experience. Google takes this into account in presenting results. To help achieve this our websites:

  • Are hosted on servers  that not compromised by overuse, from a reputable UK base company
  • Use caching to speed up responses
  • Use themes and plugins that are tested and perform well (unless a customer requests otherwise)
  • Are kept upto date with WordPress, themes and plugins
  • Are not overloaded with large images and graphics, we resize before upload.