e-Commerce Websites

Have you something to sell online?

Many small businesses start with Bay, amazon and if you are into handmade goods then maybe Etsy. The main issue with these is a lack of identity and selling on price.

An e-commerce website is a platform to sell directly to your customers, supporting price driven sales on eBay, amazon and Etsy. Products on your own website may be higher value than those on other platforms. 

Woocommerce e-Commerce Websites by Prospatak

WordPress with Woocommerce is an excellent platform for a small business. It is easy to use, easy to manage and cost effective to implement.

Online Payments

Linked to PayPal standard, payments are taken securely on the PayPal website, not on your e-commerce website. In this way PayPal is providing the entire payment service to you. For small businesses this is a cost effective process. There are alternative payment “service” providers.

Using a payment service provider significantly reduces the requirements of your business needed to comply with the PCI DSS rules, which are mandatory. All card processing is handled by the payment service.

You will need to complete the PCI DSS self assessment questionnaire A. Please refer to the PCI Security Standards Council.

Website Security

All WordPress websites set up by Prospatek include security measures, this does not include secure transmission of data between browser and server (using SSL) as standard, where you see a padlock in the browser and https: with the website URL.

An SSL enabled website can be provided, or pages of a website that collect visitor data for Woocommerce order purposes. There is additional setup cost and an annual fee for the SSL certificate.

This Prospatek website is SSL enabled, you  can see the padlock in the address bar.