For Small Businesses

Understanding small businesses

Most of our clients are small businesses, from one person upwards. Your time is short so must be concentrated on your core business.

Successfully managed websites become one of the primary sources of information for your business, so with this in mind we help you with friendly advice, support to discuss ideas with to get your message across.

We want your website to be a success, and you to be a recognised authority on your subject.

We take time to understand your needs, working with you and supporting you.

To provide you with a website that will work for you, it’s crucial we understand your business motives, ethos and aims including:

  • Your short and long-term business objectives
  • Your short and longer term website objectives
  • Current products and services, and how you offer them
  • How your website will contribute to your business
  • Your current and potential target market
  • The message you want to get across to visitors
  • How your visitors will interact with the website

We aim to build a supportive and professional relationship with you to maintain the effectiveness of the website.

Minimal hassle for you

As a small business, you probably don’t have specialist technical know-how to manage your website, set up a story line, draft text or assemble images. And when it comes to computers, it’s a tool you use and rarely fiddle with.

We deal with all the hassle stuff for you: website hosting, domain name, helping you with the design, logo design, photography, drafting text and generating ideas. If it’s something else you need, we usually know someone reliable and local who can help out.

A website can be delivered and managed using a number of tools, we will recommend which is most suitable for you taking account of simplicity, price, your business objectives and your website objectives.

You have control

Our CMS system gives you the control to update and manage the website yourself, or we can help you. In most cases, it’s a joint effort. The system is easy to use, simple but effective.

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